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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faded Paper Figures

While listening to Pandora, I recently stumbled across the band Faded Paper Figures. I liked their bright, breezy, electropop sounds (so reminiscent of the summery Postal Service) so I hustled on over to eMusic and got the whole album. I've been listening basically nonstop since then and I know the album will forever remind me of early summer 2009 -- sleeping with the window open, rooftop reading sessions, wandering the city..the slap of my flipflops a pleasant accent to the music. Fav tunes: Metropolis, North by North, The Persuaded

You know what's even cooler? They're from my homecity of Irvine!! I emailed them and apparently they're all moving to NYC soon. There's certainly no better arena than the nyc/brooklyn area to get your great music out. Yeah Irvine!! Yeah gated communities, in-n-out and suburban sprawl!!