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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contact High

Australian electro artists sure know how to spice up my morning. I just listened to Architecture in Helsinki's new song "Contact High" and I spent the entire three minutes, thirty-eight seconds slightly dizzy. It starts off with an '80s-ish guttery synth grunt, and I'm like okay yeah, sweet. Then this Chromeo-ish voice comes in and I'm like aw no. And then some weird rolling drums ease in and I'm like uhhh. And THEN, the chorus comes in, a peppy, sparkly dance-inducer. And then the Chromeo-ish nonsense comes back in. And then what sounds like 46 different synth loops blast me in the face. At this point, I'm so intrigued and so nauseous, I feel like I'm riding a violent rollercoaster soaring through rainbows.

I felt this way when Cut Copy came out with Bright like Neon Love (sadly, Zonoscope is doing NOTHING for me, btw) and when Empire with the Sun came out with "Walking on a Dream." I spend alternating moments loving the bright sparkliness of these Ozzie synths, and then being thrown into a spiral of confusion when they abruptly change the pacing with dirtier, darker beats/sounds. When all is said and done, I really do like this "experimental" music. It's fun, it's dancey and it's weird. Contact high indeed...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A lil' Thursday literary/musical morbidity

me: i'm about to start my first virginia woolf
Eric: haha lemme know how that goes
me: ever read her?
Eric: nope!
can't say i have
which one are u going to start with
me: her first novel actually
someone left it at work
"the voyage out"
Eric: what's that about?
me: i find it interesting (and a little morbid) to read someone's work, knowing she offed herself not that long after
Eric: haha
kinda like listening to nirvana?
me: yeahhh!
Eric: or elliot smith?
me: good comparison
all those
Eric: or hendrix?
Eric: i'm sure there have been others
but ya, can't think of any off the top of my head
me: did hemingway off himself?
1Eric: if u call drinking urself to death offing yourself