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Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I was introduced to Matt Pond PA a few years ago...not personally (I wish!)...and I've discovered over the years that he puts out consistently good and polished music. Yeah some of it can be a bit too poppy but songs like "New Hampshire," "Honestly," "Summer is Coming," and "People Have a Way" are just so compulsively listenable. (that's not a real word but I like it so deal). He's an incredibly prolific musician and he's able to employ a wide variety of tempos and instruments in his songs, which is pretty impressive. Some of the songs from my favorite bands, deathcab, rhcp, etc. all tend to sound alike after awhile. But not Matt Pond PA. At least not to me.

Perhaps another reason I'm so taken with mppa is because his music reminds me of new england. Specifically new england summers. Driving through quiet countryside, the hot, sticky air humming by, glimmers of lakes promising cool dips...nighttime providing a faint chill, tanned happy faces around a bonfire, mosquitoes by the hundreds, inside jokes, laughter, skin still warm from the day's sun...

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