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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost Fan Questionnaire

Thanks to fellow blogger and avid Lost fan Nik at Nite, I have something to do while my nerves gradually fray waiting for the premiere. TOMORROW, 9PM WILL BE THE GREATEST MOMENT EVARRRR.

1. What country are you from?

2. Have you been watching right from the beginning or did you catch up quickly on DVD? If the latter, what season did you start watching it live?
I didn't watch from the beginning. I downloaded the first season from Kazaa (oh, those were the days) and proceeded to neither sleep, eat, nor shower for the following two weeks. I started watching the show live when the second season began.

3. What is it about Lost that drew you in in the first place?
That it DIDN'T answer any questions right away. That it assumed that the viewers had higher than average intelligence. That it was unlike any other show to air on TV.

4. What do you think is the funniest moment on Lost?
When Hurley threw the burrito at Ben. I think I choked on my (Dharma) beer and it almost came out my nose.

5. What was the saddest moment for you?
Hmm, tie between when Charlie died and when Sun thinks Jin died in the explosion.

6. Who is your favourite character (if you have one) and why?
Sayid: because he is effortlessly polite, level-headed and intuitive. AND OH SO SEXY.

7. What, if any, do you think has been the biggest misstep the writers have made on the show?
Adding "new" characters in later seasons who were presumably "always there," ie: Nikki, Paulo, Frogurt.

8. What is your favourite storyline to follow?
I love it ALL - okay except maybe for the cheesier "love tangle" plotlines.

9. What is your least favourite storyline?
See above

10. What other shows do you watch right now?
Fringe, CSI (only Las Vegas, the others are rubbish) Damages, Archer

11. What are your all-time favourite shows?
uh, Lost. The X-Files, Mad Men, South Park

12. What is the biggest question you want answered on Lost in season 6?
How did they come up with the exact numbers??

13. Do you have a theory on how Lost is going to end?
To be honest? No. I have a lot of theories about how the final season will begin, but I haven't a clue how the Lost team is going to wrap this all up.

14. It’s been said the season will end on one single image. What do you think that image will be?
The island.

15. What’s your favourite thing about the Lost fan community?
How much we all love to theorize. I mean, a single show got millions of people across the world to actually USE their brains, instead of mindlessly sitting on their couches, gaping at the screen.

16. What do you plan to do when it’s all over?
Cry for weeks. Mourn. Tattoo myself with the numbers.

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