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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reckoner - Diplo remix


Okay so this is a preeeeetty awesome remix. The "go's!" are a little annoying but overall, Diplo did a great job mixing in Thom's eerie, sultry croon with those classic blips, bleeps and drum beats. HOWEVER, I noticed something that really bothered me. After the first two-minute intro, the song shifts into a 2-step kind of beat that sounded so damned familiar. I sat there and replayed it over and over again and BAM, it hit me. It is the same exact intro to Beirut's "Nantes" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCkT4K-hppE)


(Addendum: just listened to The Deadly Syndrome's remix of reckoner....socks are officially knocked off.)

(Addendum 2: Okay, so the Diplo remix segment isn't exactly the same as Beirut's "Nantes"...it is in a different key but the chord progression is the same...a 3rd to a 6th and back to a 4th...and the rhythm is the same...but the tempo is sped up just a smidge. Don't get me wrong....I really like this remix but I'm just wondering if Diplo meant to take this sample from Beirut, or if he just somehow happened to produce a very very similar chord progression...)

(Addendum 3: Okay, it's basically been verified that Diplo meant to take the sample from Beirut so I'll quit my whining)

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