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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best and Worst of 2008

I think it's absolutely fitting and representative of this year that I showed up for the last day of work in 2008, still drunk as #!*#...and just now beginning to feel the evil fingers of Herr Hangover poking at what's left of my brain.

Anyway, my roommate and I have been "playing" the best and worst of 2008 game so here are mine:


April - South Carolina. The entire trip...including the 13 hour car journey down from NYC. Highlight was barbecuing on the back porch (bacon-wrapped shrimp, oh yes), and then settling down on the wicker chair with a sweating glass of g&t and my book...the humidity a dense but not uncomfortable presence...frogs croaking...deer rustling through the brush...the palmetto fronds waving lusciously in the dusk.....heaven.


July - Flying back from California, with a stop in Cincinnati...only to have a tornado touch down (yes, an actual tornado) mere minutes after I landed. Everyone in the airport was ushered to the tornado tunnels (!!?) for an hour. Was crying...couldn't help it...but was comforted by a very nice and very cute guy who happened to be from olympia, where I was born. Naturally, he was engaged. After emerging from the tunnels, found out all flights to NY were canceled until late the next day. I had to work the next day. The airlines offered me a flight to Boston. Hell, I like Boston, so I took it. Got in around 4am, crashed at my friend's place, then took a train to NY early the next morning. The next day, showed up at work.....and was laid off.

What are your bests and worsts?

Happy 2009!! Hope you all have someone to smooch at the witching hour ; )

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